Mindful Marketing Workshops

Delve deep into the practice of Mindful Marketing with me.

The following session is run in a group of no more than 12 people. The session is also available as a one-on-one experience should you prefer. 

This workshop is for heart-centred businesses and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and want to share that with the world through purposeful marketing and communications strategies.

Combining practices of Mindfulness along with best practices in Marketing, this workshop will give you greater clarity over your marketing strategy, whilst making sure it’s aligned with your values and vision.

You will be empowered with the skills and knowledge you need to go forth and share your passion with the world!

During this hands-on workshop we will spend time defining the values and the ‘why’ of your business, in order to make value-based decisions and establish clear goals. Once you are clear on where you’re going you will be empowered to get started by learning practical skills, strategies and tactics in order to achieve your goals.

Expect to leave this session feeling inspired and empowered. This workshop will be very hands-on, so prepare to learn and do!

What will you leave this workshop with?

- A clear vision statement for your business.
- A 3-month marketing plan, filled with tactics and tips to help you achieve your goals.
- Knowledge of best practices in marketing and how to apply them to your goals.
- Knowledge of how to execute mindful newsletters - the in's and outs of owning email as a channel! 
- A clear understanding on the purpose behind your PR and how to spread your message through traditional and digital media
- Clarity around your 'voice' and how to spread your message through traditional and digital media
- A community of like minded people to support you through.
- A heart full of inspiration with the tools to make it a reality.

Who is Emma Maidment?

Emma is a Communications + Marketing Consultant, Yoga Teacher and Writer. She works exclusively in the health and wellness space with heart-centred entrepreneurs and business owners to help them share their message with the world. Emma is incredibly passionate about spreading health and wellness and a holistic way of living. She also teaches yoga and weaves yogic philosophy and practices into her work. She writes regularly on health and wellness for Body And Soul and organises a number of events in the wellness space. Her background is in Communications and PR and she brings this extensive knowledge and experience along with her passion for wellness to her sessions.


What the day looks like:
**Note, these are just sample timings. 

10am - 1.30pm
10AM begin with snacks and chats
10.15AM - Meditation and mission statements - Defining your ‘WHY’
10.45AM - Goal setting!
11.15AM - Writing S.M.A.R.T objectives
11.30AM - Short break
11.45AM - Strategy and implementation, what strategies do you need and how to use them
1.15PM - Re-cap and final questions
1.30PM- Finish
There will be short breaks throughout the session to move the body and keep the energy and ideas flowing!


Personalised Workshops 

If groups aren't your jam, or you prefer to dive deep solo then a private session is for you! These run for a 3.5 hour time period and have the option of being customisable to cater to where you are at with your business and goals. During these sessions we will dive deeper into the back end of your website, socials, EDM and analytics for a truly personalised approach. 


Upcoming Course Offerings - Melbourne 

Melbourne Mindful Marketing dates to be announced. Watch this space! 


Host a Mindful Marketing Course!  

Mindful Marketing travels! If you want to host a Mindful Marketing session in your city then get in touch! The sessions are run as collaborations, so let's work together!